A Day in the E.R.

rootsToday I had to call my doctor about this boil that had abscessed on the back of my neck.   I had noticed it a few days ago, but things went from bad to worse over the weekend and by today it was terribly painful, swollen and RED.  He recommended I go to the Emergency Room, since he didn’t think my primary care doctor would want to do anything about it, my being on chemo therapy and all.  So I was admitted and promptly taken to a back room with a private bed, isolating  me from all the sick, coughing patients flooding the E.R. waiting area.  The nurse practitioner who saw me had been through chemo therapy herself 4 years ago.  She fully understood the risks of lancing the abscess while my ability to fight infection is low right now.  She shared her story, I shared mine.  It was nice to have someone there who understood. 

They drew my blood to check my white blood cell count and had me wait.  An hour and a half nap did me well!  I walked in there so weak.  They told me that my cell counts were too low to lance it, and they sent me home with oral anti-biotics and topical anti-biotic, and I will see my oncologist in the morning.  My temperature was 99.6 F* while I was there, which is something to watch closely while on chemo.  Not alarming under normal circumstances, but a sign that I am fighting infection.  Ibufrofen seems to help the pain.  4 hours for all of THAT!

Tomorrow I go for my weekly Herceptin infusion and hopefully my oncologist will be able to address the abscess and get it to drain.  Three other small boils seem to be forming around it.  I can’t imagine if they go full blown into infections! 

Today was the first time I went in public without a wig on – just a bandana.  People stared everywhere I went through the hospital.  I hated it.  I wish I’d just had a big sign across my chest that said “YES! I have cancer! Now mind your own business.”   If you can’t be in a hospital with cancer, where can you be? I have felt so crummy the last few days that my happy side is hiding! 😦


6 thoughts on “A Day in the E.R.

  1. Good morning my friend,

    Unbelievable!!! One would think the cancer and cancer treatments are enough to deal with! I’m sorry you’re feeling so crummy. Is there anything I can do? Do you have enough meals? Can I bring you a milkshake or anything else fun? I will be praying extra fervently for you today 🙂 Much love and prayers, Cheryl

  2. Koryn – I am so sorry you had to go through that yesterday…it is o.k. to be mad or sad and NOT happy. There are just some days that are very hard. Let yourself have a few of those. I had a day where I drug myself into the ER literally crawling because I had an excruciating headache from a lumbar puncture and spinal fluid was leaking from the lumbar sack and I was in so much pain. I had only a soft hat on and I got those same stares …it was hard. Thankfully I was able to have a blood patch procedure and it was resolved, but I will never forget the stares and how mad I was. Our family will be praying for your strength, protection from infection, and that your oncologist can resolve the boil and give you relief. A tall order, but our God is very BIG. Praying for courage to face it all…

  3. Oh Koryn, I’m so sorry you are having added complications. A trip to ER is no way to spend your day! I hoep it all clears up quickly. Loved the video yesterday – thank you for sharing. Take care! x

  4. We haven’t met, but my daughter Molly is freshman at CFPA WSHS and is in Zombie Prom with your son. I’m a one year and four month breast cancer survivor. I had a mastectomy, chemo and radiation and now on tamoxifen. I just had implant put in, but emergency surgery a month later due to stitches not holding. I’d love to talk to you. I have some wonderful scriptures to share that got me through my ordeal. I tell everyone that you cannot do cancer without God.
    I’m 48 and have a 15 year old and 4 year old. It’s tough to be a mom and have cancer. I literally missed my daughter’s 8th grade year and it was hard to have a 3 year old climbing on you after cancer.
    This is the hardest thing you’re ever do.
    Please call me.
    Fight like a girl!!! 😉
    Donna Guinn Kaufman

  5. Oh yuck, I am sorry you are fighting something else!! Praying for no infections!!! And chin up, all those people were just checking out your killer bandana wondering where they could get one at too!!!

  6. Hello. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I stayed by by Mom while she battled breast cancer, complete masectomy of her left breast, chemo, reconstruction surgery, etc. God’s many blessings to you. When we have trouble walking through life, he carries us.

    I appreciate your journey with breast cancer through a blog. I was trying to find a follow my blog button on your blog but could not seem to. Take care and be well asap.

    Kim Armstrong

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