Koryn’s Story – on You Tube

This is the video that our music director at church made with me a few weeks ago.  I hope that you gain from it that God is my total provision through this trial called cancer.  When everything is stripped away, only He can uphold me, only He can be all I need and has shown me immense love through the struggle.  It’s real.  It’s what I feel.  Thanks for watching.  Click the arrow in the video box below or go HERE


5 thoughts on “Koryn’s Story – on You Tube

  1. Koryn,

    You are an inspiration. I just watched your video and want you to know that you continue to be in my daily thoughts and prayers. GOD is truly working through you and healing you each and every day. Keep your strong faith…He will never fail you…LOVE YOU!


  2. Koryn, I have looked at your blog a couple of times you are truly a inspiration to people. I truly believe that things happen in your life for a reason and I am sure yours is to help others going through this. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


  3. Koryn – That video was powerful. I remember an instance like you were describing that during the darkest times of diagnosis or treatment I hadn’t really felt the power of God’s love like I did then. When we are weak, then He is strong. Thank you for reminding me and others of that. Ann

  4. I was so touched by the video on Sunday–by your honesty, your hope and the gentle quietness of “it is not ok now, but my God will make all things beautiful in His time and I will wait on him.” Thank you for your sharing and know you are in my prayers.

  5. Hi Koryn,

    Thank you for doing this video. I feel blessed to see and hear your heartfelt testimony. I will be sending this to my sister-in-law who went through this last year and still struggling emotionally. She doesn’t know her Lord like you and I do..maybe this will help her.

    God continue to bless and keep you,

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