Lookin’ Up!

il_430xn_58208221Things started looking up today when I got the call from my doctor – my liver function tests came back lowered yesterday, and we are “on” for my chemo treatment tomorrow.  Normally, I wouldn’t be saying I’m glad to hear that, but I so want to stay on schedule with my chemo treatments.  I have a trip to California planned for mid-May and don’t want to miss it!  Even if I were to get postponed a week on treatment, I don’t want to feel ill when I go see my family.  So this was truly another answer to many prayers.  The numbers dropped to half  in less than a week!  God is good!  I still have pain on my side and am going for a bone scan on Friday.  (Something else you can now be praying for!)

Curtis is home from University of Virginia  this week and he and his girlfriend plan to come up for short visit with me at the hospital tomorrow, just to see where and what it is I do there.  Kyle popped in for a night since attending a concert in D.C. last night, so we all just had lunch together before he heads back to James Madison Univ. tonight.  (His spring break isn’t until next week).  

The sun is shining bright today and the snow is starting to melt.  We got 7 inches yesterday and the kids have had 2 snow days of sledding. 005 Here’s the view from our front porch yesterday—>

Please be praying for tomorrow’s treatment, that the new anti-nausea medication we’re trying will work better than what I have been taking so far.  Please also continue asking God that the headaches stay away, and that my energies won’t plummet so much.  I know that He is albe to more than I hope for!

Isaiah 30:18

 “Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you; he rises to show you compassion. For the LORD is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him! “


One thought on “Lookin’ Up!

  1. Horray for the liver working!! And HORRAY for staying on track with the chemo… take it all when you can and let it do it’s thing so you can get on with doing your thing!!! Prayers for a good response to this round of chemo and no sickness!!!

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