Seeing Double

n1199904864_259091_2700I had a visit with my doctor today and she said my liver enzymes are double what they were 3 weeks ago.  If they go to triple, then she said she would have to postpone my chemo treatment, but she suspects they will  go back down over the next few days.  She believes this is all due to the toxins being dumped there from chemo drugs.  She will check them again Monday as well as test for hepatitis, although she doesn’t believe I have hepatitis.  My bilirubin levels are low, but within the lowest of normal range.   She prescribed iron for my low red blood cell count which is quite low (explaining my extreme fatigue), within borderline need of a shot to boost them.  She will check that again next week also.

I am scheduled for a bone scan next Friday (two days post chemo).  It is a 4 hour test.  They inject radioactive material through a vein, then I have to wait 3 hours, return for the test/scan….my friend will come along with me.  My doctor doesn’t believe anything will come of the scan (because she is convinced the pain on my side is my liver and not bone related) , but because the radiologist recommended it she will follow through.  At least we’ll have a baseline for the future cancer follow ups.

I am feeling a bit better today as far as energy levels.  I guess I get about 5 “good” days here before returning for chemo next week.  It feels like I was just there yesterday!  I think I could drive there in my sleep now. Your prayers have encouraged me as I begin to feel lighter, less fatigued and more hopeful.


2 thoughts on “Seeing Double

  1. I was so worried about you Koryn……was awake most of the night praying for you……so were my parents, and my sister. Relieved for you, but hope you continue to get more strength back. Will continue to pray for next week’s bone scan!
    God bless!
    Gretta 🙂

  2. Hi. Hey add some vanilla and flour to your prebake cookie dough. It’s Rosie O’Donnell’s idea and it makes them so good. Keep me updated. It’s hard being away.
    xoxo Di

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