standingalone My day started with a cup of coffee, and then I sat down at the computer when suddenly a gush of a nose bleed started.  Thankfully, right then, my neighbor knocked at the door to walk my dog.  I opened the door, wads of Kleenex in hand,  and she took the dog and the leash and I managed to get to the couch to lay down.  I thought I had gotten past these by sleeping with the humidifier for the past several nights.  Apparently not.

I had my Herceptin infusion today, which my friend Deb drove me to.  I spoke with an oncologist  about the nose bleeds, and also pointed out that my left forearm is sore and swollen.  She referred me to an Ear Nose and Throat doctor for the nose bleeds (which could take several days to get an appintment for), and then after my infusion she had me go to see the doctor who installed my port.  Evidently the nose bleeds are the least of my concerns right now.  Wasting no time, Dr. Cho personally walked me to ultrasound and had me seen right away for my arm, which they fear may have a blood clot in it.  The unltrasound took over an hour.  They were very thorough, scanning from my elbow to my heart, along the path of the port, having me make a fist, then relax, testing the flow.  I am waiting to hear from the radiologist now.  It could take a day or so before the results are back.   (UPDATE Thursday 2/05/09: The doctor called – it is not a clot – only restricted blood flow as a result of the catheter coming from the port – a complication that is common.  )I asked what they do if there is a blood clot and they told me that they put patients on blood thinners for that.  I thought, GREAT!  More nose bleeds!

As with each week, I met some more chemo patients today. One lady, younger than me, in stage 4 breast cancer, which had already gone to her lung and bone.  He lungs appear clear now but they are treating the bone cancer .  As you would expect in a room filled with women who have lost their hair, HAIR (or the lack thereof)   seemed to be the topic of the day. She was showing us her new brown baby soft hair growth, and we all gazed longingly for the day when that would be us….She showed us her old driver’s license with her formerly blonde hair.   How interesting!  When they all learned that the hair under my ball cap was not mine, they were shocked!   They couldn’t believe how real it looked and wanted to know how they could get one too!  We exchanged web site links, and chatted for the three hours we were together.  Comrads in battle, each in our own fight.

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4 thoughts on “Complications…

  1. Ahhh!!! I was told by a co-worker this week: “We go through tests so we will have testimonies.”
    Sister, I already had a testimony. Now we have another one; you and me.
    Remember… what I said last night
    “Dandelions make dreams come true.” Okay, okay, I know that it’s God that answers prayer.

  2. Dear Koryn – I am praying for your continued courage and for you to face each complication bravely and wisely. This part of the battle has its own hurdles and I will be praying for your strength. Many times I thought about what my children would remember about me during this time. One thing I wanted them to remember was that I fought with courage…I prayed every day for it. Who knows what they will actually remember, but that was my goal. Thinking of you and praying daily for you. Ann

  3. Koryn,

    You are such a beautiful woman. I am so encouraged to see the strength that you share with so many of your friends. I read your blogs and at times so saddened to hear what you are going through and it brings me to my knees praying for you. At other times, I enjoy laughing at the comments you make while trying to make light of things. You always bring a smile to my face and I am encouraged by you. Thank you for sharing with us, with me, and allowing us to read about your about your day, to share it with you, good or bad. Thank you.

    Please know that I am continuing to pray for you. My heart is with you always. May God truly bless you, Tim, and the kids.

    In Christ,
    Delberta 🙂

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