The Perfect Day!

Breakfast at iHop, a long afternoon nap, and dinner at P.F. Chengs with great friends! 003What more could make a better day? I am feeling pretty good and energy is coming back. I have had several slow to stop nose bleeds, a result of dry air plus low platlet count, but I borrowed a humidifier and hope that will help things. Tomorrow is the Super Bowl so we are looking forward to chicken wings and home made soup. Glad my taste has returned! For every pound I lose the week following chemo, I tend to more than make up for in the weeks after! (Not a great weight loss plan if you ask me.)

msdbc1 <——-Please click on the flag to read how

you can support Curtis’ girlfriends Avon Walk for me May 2 – 3

here in Washington D.C. Go Rachael! And Thank You!


One thought on “The Perfect Day!

  1. Glad to hear you’re doing well…..that encourages me too….I’m so sick this time around! You look so pretty in this photo! Hope you continue to have a blessed week! 🙂

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