Thawing out

il_430xn_47325472Today marks one week past chemo and I have begun having back pain in my lower back, a result of bone marrow rebuilding and white cells being low.  I’ve been warned it could happen, but it didn’t with my first round so I thought maybe I’d get lucky.  I am on a heating pad and popping medicine all day.  The snow and ice didn’t keep me from my infusion yesterday.  My friend Betty got me to the hospital safely and we didn’t have any waiting.  The Herceptin I get weekly causes the runs and fatigue so I’m not a very good party partner right now.  I just feel out of it and don’t really want to do much.  I’ve taken on some work orders and am slowly getting around to them.  Hopefully by next week my energies will bounce back.  The e-mails and phone calls are encouraging, so thank you!  Your continued prayers are much appreciated as I fight back infections and try to stay safe at home.  Thankfully I am enjoying food once again and the meals brought in this week were fabulous!  My family is really getting spoiled!  My friend asked me yesterday how I keep from getting depressed, after all, feeling like every ounce of feminity has been taken from me and many of my routine abilities as well.   I told her that I count my blessings every single day.  I think if you dwell on what you don’t have it would be easy to go “there” but I remember how many friends I have, how much God has cared for me, how well I am tollerating treatement, and I look forward to a new “me”, a new year awaiting me next year, and all the possibilities!  I think of the dozens of people available to me who have expressed their love and concern, I think of how great my kids are doing and how independent they are.  It’s impossible to get down when I am so grateful for all I have.  Many others suffer without the tremendous support I enjoy.  Keep looking upward and outward and all I see is joy!


2 thoughts on “Thawing out

  1. You continue to be an inspiration, Koryn! You are certainly taking the same view on life as my dear momma – she’s always been a “think positive!” kind of person, and it works! Take care of yourself. Thinking of you over here in “sunny” England. xx

  2. You are a light shining in the dark. I had to remind myself today that I am blessed. I have a book from J.Jill called Strong. It’s secular and so encouraging. I also quote the Bible to keep me going. I love you Korynie. I’ll call after my Neuro appt. tomorrow at 10am. xoxo Di

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