First Snow of the Season!

Today was our first snowfall of the year! Yeah!  Being a California girl, I get very excited about snow!  image038When I was growing up it never snowed, in fact we had to drive hours to Lake Tahoe to see snow.   So today’s 3 inches brings a fresh new feel to the air and a reason to get outside a bit, escaping from my warm cocoon on the couch where I have been hibernating for days.  I have a treatment tomorrow morning at the hospital but they are calling for an ice storm tonight which makes me wonder how I will get there!  We will have to wait and see, possibly going a little later in the day after things have melted.  My nausea seems to ongoing this cycle, but I am resisting the medications as they make me VERY loopy and foggy feeling.  I keep those for night time!  I am beginning to feel the “slump” which occurs about 7 days following chemo therapy where the white blood cell count drops and the bone marrow begins to rebuild.  I feel like my body has turned to Jell-O, as if the blood has drained right out of me.  Barely up from the couch and I feel like I need to lay down again.  This lasts about 4 days.  Thankfully the kids were off school today and dear friends brought dinner yesterday for tonight, knowing that the weather may get bad.       I am thankful everyone is taken care of.  I have not succumbed to watching soap operas, rather, I have been up on all the political goings on and recent economic woes, trying to educate myself instead of   becoming a vegetable.     At least I will be a more interesting person at the end of all of this!  Oh yes, and I have watched every imaginable talk show there is on TV during the day!   I have never even heard of some of these hosts before!   

All of this time alone has had me thinking about my life a year from now, who I will be, who I will become.  For so many years my life was defined by motherhood, being the wife of a servicemember, and being a teacher and a crafter, but somehow now I feel myself taking on a new person.  I don’t know who she is yet, and sometimes it is scary because I don’t want cancer to define who I am in the end.  I just want normal back. 


One thought on “First Snow of the Season!

  1. Koryn,

    I met you through Etsy when you designed a grandmother’s bracelet for me. I felt then when we corresponded, we could be friends. Your kindness and helpfulness in getting what I wanted was fantastic. Your serving spirit was evident then. I was surprised when I went on line and found out you had cancer. Since yesterday was a snow day for me, (I too, am a teacher), I sat and read all of your previous posts. I cried and rejoiced with you. I prayed as I read that God would truly make Himself real to you, give you strength for each new step ahead, and praised Him for all who have uplifted you in so many ways. So many things I could say about your posts…thanks for your honesty and sincerity. I think it will be helpful to many who are going through breast cancer. My sister goes tomorrow to see if she is cancer free-she had breast cancer this past year, too. I wish she could have read your thoughts as she was going through it all. It is so encouraging.
    I will continue to pray for you and your family. May God’s strength be yours. Read Psalm 37 when you feel up to it. It is very encouraging.
    I told my children in class last week a thought I heard on a t.v. church program. It said, “Don’t whine, SHINE! You certainly are doing that. May you continue to be a testimony for the Lord.

    Praying for you, Kay

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