Two Hats and a Heating Pad

Thanks to the prayers of many – NO headaches!  God is so good and I am praising Him il_430xn_39214661for this small victory in my battle!  Since my chemo therapy on Wednesday I have had nights filled with nausea and have slept a lot of them on the couch, tossing and taking medicine waiting for it to pass.  No throwing up, just a nagging, persistent nauseousness.  My toes have neuropathy in them when I lay down so I have them wrapped in a hot heating pad , trying to get circulation flowing.  They ache at times and feel like frost bite, tingly and cold.  I have two hats covering my very cold bare head.  Who knew that hair was such an insulator?   My stubble, or “head whiskers” litter the floor and sinks if I don’t cover up…it is very patchy and thin now.   My mouth feels like a thin layer of slime, and taste is hard to find.   This is perhaps the most annoying side effect considering I really do love to eat!  My ears keep plugging with fluid making my equilibrium a bit shaky so I am spending most of the day on the couch.   The Lord is faithful to continue providing all I need, and friends are so gracious to bring meals prepared with love going on 3 months now!  I am blessed!


One thought on “Two Hats and a Heating Pad

  1. Nice to hear you have been headache free! Rest easy my friend! God is with you and we are praying for you to start feeling better soon. Have you tried lemon drops yet? They really help your mouth We gave them to my dear friend Merrie all the time. She swore by them!! Take care!

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