Saturday – So Far, So Good!

il_430xn533062001So far I feel pretty good today and the only notable side effects from yesterday’s chemo seem to be fatituge, slight controllable nausea and a funny feeling in my mouth again.  Food flavors are a bit dulled.  I still have my hearty appetite, though!  I have spent the day completing all of my incoming jewelry orders, and went to the post office to get those mailed out.  Looking forward to a lazy weekend of watching movies and maybe enjoying a walk in these 50 degree temperatures before they fall once again.  The fresh air feels good and moves the toxins along through my body.  I am drinking a ton of water.  So far so good!  No headaches (yet anyways).  Keep praying! 

Psalm 30: 10 – 12

Hear, O LORD, and be gracious to me;il_430xn53306128
  O LORD, be my helper.” 
  You have turned for me my mourning into dancing;
  You have girded me with gladness, 
  That my soul may sing praise to You and not be silent O LORD my God, I                                                                           will give thanks to You forever!”


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