It’s Gone


023Tonight my son Keith (17) took the plunge first, and had Tim shave his head.  Then we roped off all my pony tails to donate and Tim and Deb,  my neighbor, took turns cutting, and Tim finished the job by shaving my head.  We couldn’t have him get too close to the scalp for risk of nicking me and causing a bleed, which I am slow to clot on.  In fact last night I had a nose bleed that took a long time to stop.  So it’s finished and some little girl will benefit from my donation.  I just kept telling myself all day that if I continued allowing it to shed off of my head I wouldn’t have much left to donate.  So now I look like Demi Moore from the movie G.I. Jane..but if only I had her body!  Then I would be a happy woman!  Ha!  I have a variety of wigs, hats and scarves to play around with now.  Deb will mail the package of hair off to Wigs For Kids for me tomorrow and Tim says “Send it via HairMail!”  Ha!  We all had a good cry (well, I did, at least) but ended with a laugh!  As long as I don’t look in a mirror I do okay with the idea.  Today’s infusion went well and a lot quicker than last week.  It was all done within 90 minutes from pre-meds to finish.  Thanks for taking me today Dorothy!  025


6 thoughts on “It’s Gone

  1. Thank you Keith. -Opa-

    We are both very “teary” as we remember how we waited for “hair” on our little girl. We look at Grace’s photo as a reminder.

    Thank you, Tim and Deb for supporting her tonight and for Keith – setting such a courageous example.

    Life goes on… and life is better than hair. Your wigs are beautiful and so are you.

    We love you, Mom and Dad

  2. Oh, Koryn, I’m so sorry! but, better to get it out of the way. Its been over a week since I had that exact same experience. Believe it or not, I’m sort of used to it now.

    I’ve actually stopped crying about my hair and I’m kind of liking wearing scarves!

    I still haven’t downloaded pics off my camera….but i do have similar pics of my hair in a million ponie tails before cutting it.

    I’m just getting bald spots now….so you may have a week or so with a short little pixie cut. Mine grew on me!


  3. avoid mirrors, for a while anyway…and if you do catch yourself in the mirror…let the feelings flow…i really forgot who i was last summer and acted like the old long hair me…all sassy then i caught myself in the mirror and crumbled…it’s like (for me anyway) it was my power…healthy and long…once I would see myself…I felt weak and tired…I didn’t know that person…but now that it’s growing back…I’m making earrings and trying to wear my new hair with pride again…be gentle with yourself daily! {{{hugs}}}

  4. Koryn, YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL EVEN WITHOUT HAIR!!! Time will heal this sad spot in your heart and your hair will grow back!! Don’t let it get you down. We love you and are praying for you!


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