In Denial…

002I think I am in denial about my hair. This is the second day and probably fourth pile  (<—–like this  photo)  from simply combing my hair with my brush.  It started just about 2 weeks after the start of treatment.  Yesterday I wore it in a pony tail and claw clip just to keep it from falling all over the house, into my food and onto the white floors.  Today I am doing the same, hoping I can get up the nerve today or tomorrow to go through with donating it in roped off sections, then to shave it clean bald.  I just don’t feel ready.  I feel mad!


3 thoughts on “In Denial…

  1. Am I allowed to cry for you? I know how much our hair has always meant to us. Seeing yours lying on the floor brought tears to my eyes. On the other hand Ashley said she would unite with you and shave her head until your hair grows back. Wow.
    I wish I could say it’s gonna be alright and not cry but crying is part of my life. I love you and am sending a hug all the way across the universe.

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