Small changes

Now that the sand paper feel in my mouth is gone it’s like it has been exfoilated and is fightlikeagirlcardsuper smooth, but the taste buds are sort of numb or dull.  It’s not that food tastes bad, it just doesn’t taste like much!  Yesterday and today on a couple of occasions I have felt my toes/feet  go numb (neuropathy), which is expected and can also occur in the fingertips.  It hasn’t lasted yet, only happened for a short period, then passed.  My eyes feel like they are stinging,  like an irritant is in them.  I feel like I am blinking a lot. My hair started shedding S-L-O-W-L-Y Saturday, then quickly within one day, losing more than normal in a hair brushing, but it’s not falling out in clumps yet. Sunday it’s just strands and strands and strands everywhere.  If I rake my fingers through it I come out with a handful.  I haven’t had to shave my legs in over a week yet there’s no growth.  Any girl knows that is something you have to do nearly on a daily basis!  I won’t miss that part.  🙂  In spite of all of this, though, the last couple of days I have resumed what feels like normal life, going grocery shopping, meeting friends for coffee, handling returns at the mall, cooking meals and going for walks. Thankful for the routine and just trying to ignore the small changes I’m observing in my body. Fighting them off with my positive thoughts and energies!


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