A Good Day!

forest-flowersToday the sun is out and the rain has stopped – it’s a good day!  I feel stronger than I have felt in 2 weeks and the side effects of chemo are diminishing!  I am going to get out and take Colby for a walk, something he has been needing for many days now.  Thank you for your continued prayers.  My hair is due to start coming out over this weekend at the earliest, and I have decided to wait it out in hopes that maybe I will get lucky.  Maybe it will take longer than 2 weeks to happen, and so if and when it does –  I am ready, but until then, I comb it and style it and will just enjoy it.

It  has been 2 weeks since Christmas and I am only now getting to the task of putting away the remaining decorations, dishware, etc.  Tim did literally all of the clean up, take down work over New Years and the holiday feels like a distant memory.   As I have emerged from my steadfast spot on the couch, I am finding party trays people left here that need returning, and Christmas mail that needs going through, and it just feels good that I can even tackle these small tasks. It feels normal and that’s a nice feeling.


3 thoughts on “A Good Day!

  1. So Happy to hear you are feelng better and a little stronger today! It is good to enjoy the little things in our lives even if it is sorting through the mail. May tomorrow be just as enjoyable!
    Love Claire


  2. So glad you had a NORMAL day! yeah!!!! I hope it continues and that you have another week to relax and feel good!


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