Four days of SICK SICK SICK

th_feel_sick1Today is day 5 following my first chemo treatment, and I have been sicker than a dog.  It hit 48 hours after treatment and hasn’t stopped since…flu like symptoms, nausea, chills, body aches, but worst of all are  the headaches which I finally couldn’t take any longer.  This morning I called the oncology doctor on call for the weekend, and he immediately put me in for blood work which I had done within 45 minutes to check my white blood cell counts.  We should know if those came back  too low by later this afternoon.  He also said I should have a CT scan of my head next week while I am in the hospital.  He prescribed morphine to get me through until I can see my regular oncologist Monday morning.  I felt like I was fainting, like my whole head was getting cold and clammy and I was delirious with headache pain.  Now am headed for bed the rest of today.  I sure hope this passes soon – I am sleeping my life away on phenergan (anti-nausea medicine)  just to get relief from the head pain.  Once I awaken,  it throbs beyond control.  Hope the morphine does the trick!  Thanks for your prayers.


3 thoughts on “Four days of SICK SICK SICK

  1. I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling so ill. I don’t know about chemo, but flu and a pounding head are not nice things to cope with at the best of times 😦 Sending you gentle healing hugs from over here in London!

  2. Koryn,
    Your Mom & Dad were kind enough to include us in their Christmas letter this year. I was glad to get the information on your blog and have read the entire site. You are on my mind all of the time and I am praying for you so much. Although we have not spoken or seen each other in years, our past has bonded us and I feel like you are right here. I love you and will continue to pray and follow up on your blog.
    Love you dearly,
    Alison (Reynolds) Miner

  3. Koryn,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you’re getting quality rest and some answers to your challenges right now.
    I have to confess, when I was on phenergan, one morning I took some before my son got picked up for kindergarten. I accidently fell asleep! When I woke up the front door was open and he was gone!! I frantically called the school and he was there and just fine. He saw his ride and went out the front door while I was asleep. Thank God he has a guardian angel watching out for him. I felt like such a dope!
    Take Care

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