New Years Eve 2008

alcohol_hangover1Okay – day two following chemo went pretty well except I have had a fair amount of nausea and was really tired.  I’m not sure what made me more tired, the staying up too late after an 11 hour hospital day or the Phenergan pills for the nausea, but this photo pretty much depicts how I felt part of the day.  A sore throat set in the night before and continued most the day as well.  Cold water seems to help. I did tag along to the bowling alley where Tim and the boys had fun bowling for his birthday.  Then we came home to the most delicious meal brought by a friend from church – homemade beef briskett with all the country side dish fixin’s and home made ice cream and birthday cake!  Wow!  I enjoyed every bite since I am told I can expect my taste buds to go south in about a day or two, making NOTHING taste good.  Then we celebrated Tim’s birthday and he is happily enjoying all his new toys!  He  administered my shot  which I have to take following the 6 cycles off full chemo treatments to boost the whote blood cell count production and it stung (yeah – I was a baby about it) but maybe next time I’ll be better prepared for it.  He did it in the thigh which I thought was the best place considering it has the most fat there.  I laid down on the couch after dinner and that was the end of that – I just could barely keep my eyes open and kept falling asleep watching Everybody Loves Raymod episodes with Tim.  That was about 10 p.m. 

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good and am trying to follow some of the nurses suggestions to combat nausea – (it’s mild, kind of like mild pregnancy nausea in the first trimester as I recall)…like keeping solids and liquids separate by two hours and not laying down after eating, etc.  My next trip to the hospital is Monday where I have a 2 hour infusion of  Herceptin which is every week for a year.  Many friends have offered to drive me for these visits and I am so blessed and grateful I can count on so many people.  Tim can take me on the very long infusion days (5 more between now and late March)  which we expect to last 5 hours or so each time. 

Today is New Yers Eve and or daughter has a friend from New Mexico visiting us all week so we agreed to them having a New Years Eve party here.  This way her friends can gather all at one place, about 20 kids.  Thank goodness for that sound proof basement!

Wishing you and your a very Happy New Year filled with all the great things God has in store for you!

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