il_430xn_47757199Wading through cancer can be frightening, but not if you’ve got someone by your side.  I feel so fortunate to have met dozens of other women facing the same issue these past months.  Most of them online, some through chat forums, some through friends of friends, some who have called me because they’ve heard about me through someone I know.  All are  precious reminders to me that God Himself is reaching down to help me in my time of trouble.  Nobody can quite relate to drainage tubes, tissue expanders, weeks of narcotics, and fears of the future like a fellow cancer patient.  Hanging on to one another, we find peace, comfort, laughter, tears, support, understanding, and a sense that we are not alone in the journey.  SO this is a thank you to all I have found a connection with.  Even to those who have provided and continue to provide meals to our family on the days when my energies are zapped beyond the edge, I say a huge thank you!  God just somehow knows when those days are, and then YOU show up on my doorstep and I am overwhelmed with gratitude of how God uses you to meet my needs. If not for this experience, I never would have met you! I am blessed for knowing you, and I am grateful for all the ways you’ve helped me get to where I am.  SO instead of thinking the negative thoughts of upcoming chemo therapy, hairloss and side affects, I am trying to focus on the many things I have to be thankful for and to reach out to others who I can help during this time also.  It helps a lot  to connect with you.  Now let’s hold on for dear life and never let go!


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