Say it isn’t so

I am  5 weeks beyond surgery, and so was fairly confident that this drain shs_sadpuppywould finally come out at my appointment today, and I would be free of its tubing and holding pouch, measuring and recording daily output, etc.   Also the lymph node biopsy site can’t seem to heal.  I came away from my appointment feeling a little disappointed that I’m still hooked to the drain. If not completely healed by the 17th, it could postpone my chemo beginning date.  Let’s pray it’s all resolved by next week’s visit.

While on the elevator trip down, a 24 year old double leg amputee in a wheelchair, asked if I liked Renee Zellweger (the actress) .  He was so proud to show off the pictures of himself with her when she came to visit the soldiers  there at Walter Reed.  I couldn’t help but remember that someone like him has it so much worse than someone like me, and yet he finds happiness in just the little things in life and shares them with others!  So that is what I am trying to take away from my day there…find the little things, the small joys, and then pass them along to brighten someone else’s day.  In the big scheme of things, I am learning to put life’s little curve balls into perspective.

By the way, if you would like to brighten the day of a wounded soldier at Walter Reed Hospital, here’s the address to mail it to OR you can always mail it to me and I will hand it to them in person (and you can be SURE they’ll receive it)!  I am there once or twice a week for my treatment!  They love to interact with people as they wheel around in their wheel chairs and some have one leg , one arm, some have none and some have prosthetic legs they are learning to get around on.  Who knows where their families are?  Many are wheeling themselves around with both arms, nobody pushing them.  It would mean a lot to know that SOMEONE is thinking of them and recognizing their tremendous sacrifice for our country!  This must be a very difficult time of year for them.

Holiday Cards For Heros , P.O. Box 5456, Capitol Heights, Md., 27091-5456

Card for a Hero c/o Koryn Hutchison, 12744 Quarterhorse Ln, Woodbridge, VA 22192


2 thoughts on “Say it isn’t so

  1. oh no! i know you are so disappointed to not have that darn drain out! ugh. what kind of care do you need to do?

    your story of the amputee sure puts it into perspective, doesn’t it?

    i hope you found other small joys today. i did! i got to take a shower! and i went to the market! lol! who would have thought that was exciting!?!?!?

  2. Hi!
    I loved your e-mails! What a beautiful woman you are! Your hair was gorgeous and you gave it willingly to another. Blessings for that!
    I wore cute scarf hats. I basically made my own. I teach first grade and got some seasonal material and wore those and the kids couldn’t wait to see what new material I would wear on my head! Wigs were hot and itchy for me.
    You will be flying through this because you are a believer in Jesus. He got me through the toughest of chemo. I would cry big tears as that long needle went in but as long as I had my praise tape on and I focused on that, I was ok!
    I will be thinking and praying for you!
    P.S. Your dog is adorable. I am a dog lover too. I have two poodles and two Yorkies!

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