Next stop- Chemotherapy-ville


Yesterday’s nuclear heart scan came back very good (gee, must be all that working out I THINK about doing! ) , and my chemo therapy treatments are scheduled to begin Wednesday, December 17th.  They will install a medi-port under the skin first thing that morning, just on the underside of my left upper arm, in minor surgery , then proceed to infusion treatment.  The medi-port will be the place where all infusion injections take place so that my veins don’t get over abused. Treatment  lasts a couple of hours, and then we get to go home until round # 2 , three weeks later, with blood tests at my local doctor’s office in between, to be sure I am tollerating the effects okay.  Christmas day will be a week after my first treatment, by which time my doctor seems to think I will feel fairly ‘normal’and enjoy the time with the kids and Tim.  Treatment will consist of 6 total cycles, each three weeks apart, ending sometime near the beginning of April, a total of 18 weeks.  The least common of the  worst side effects with this particular regimine are numbness and tingling of fingers and toes, and ringing in and loss of hearing in the ears….but usually temporary.  More common side effects are nausea, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, compromised immunity,  and hair loss.  Kidney and liver function tests are given regularly due to possible side effects there, but they monitor chemo patients carefully.  Contact with people who are sick can be very dangerous for me during this time.  I got my flu shot yesterday, and the rest of the family gets theirs this week. Lucky for me, this will be wintertime, so I don’t plan on traveling, but rather, staying home a lot, crafting at my jewelry & card making businesses,  and being extra cautious about hand washing, cleanliness around the house, keeping Clorox™ wipes  everywhere, etc.  I will be prepared with my wig(s), and plan to cut and donate my long hair to locks of love  before it falls out on its own, so as to take personal control over a somewhat traumatic event for me. It will make me feel so good to know that some little girl will get herself  a long hair wig 🙂 .  My longest lengths right now are 15 inches long! (Locks of love makes wigs using human hair for children only.) 

Thanksgiving Day is this week.  We have both boys home from school now (to include a pet hedgehog of Kyle’s, who is in a cage in his basement bedroom – his name is  Dow Jones) Isn’t he cute!!! 019-1-1 We have a a fridge and freezer full of yummy food and soups made by loving friends, muffins, breads, all of the things I would be busy whipping up in my own kitchen, if only I had the energy.  I feel so blessed! Thank you everyone who is chipping in to help our family through this. I hope that you will be blessed with a Happy Thanksgiving!

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