Preparing for my new “role”

This week Tim and I met with my oncologist, and learned all about the chemo therapy regimines & clinical trials available to me.  His name is Dr. Patel, and we both really like him.  All of the nurses we met, from the research ladies in clinical trials, to the nurses in the infusion rooms, were very kind and put us at ease.  wonderwoman2They always make me feel like I am their only patient and would take all day with me if I needed more time with them.  Dr. Patel sent us home with a boat load of information to read this weekend, because so many of these drugs have side effects and benefits  that are different.  I’m hoping that with all of Tim’s science backgrounds, from 25 years ago, he can make sense of it all!  It’s very detailed and overwhelming.  Bottom line is this…I have to have a few tests before we get started.  I am having a heart scan Monday morning.  Then comes blood work, like liver and kidney functions, etc.  to make sure I am healthy enough to be “poisoned”.  Ha!  Ha!  (Well, that’s how I look at it ).  His guess was that chemo would begin in the next 3- 6 weeks.  Tuesday I have another appointment to discuss scheduling a minor surgical procedure where they install a port under the skin where I receive all of my injections for the next 12 months or so.  My particular cancer requires a year of one the types of drugs we know I’ll need for that length of time.  I also go back to my plastic surgeon Tuesday for some tissue expansion.  Then comes Thanksgiving and the boys will be home from college and we can take a few days’ break from doctor’s visits.  Looking at Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) in this photo makes me think of wearing a long dark wig, and all I need now is the headband and I’m set! See her in action HERE

imgp51961My wonderful neighbor, who also loves dogs, took Colby for a walk yesterday and returned exhausted and out of breath.  Colby took HER for a walk, I suspect!  She is a gem, and went and got me a “Halty” restraining device at Petsmart to keep him from pulling.  If I can get it to work, I may be able to walk him without his constant pulling.  I could use the exercise and fresh air about now, although it has gotten quite cold here this week!  In case you were wondering, Christmas is in just  33 days! :0

2 thoughts on “Preparing for my new “role”

  1. hi koryn!

    i’ve missed you and don’t have your email handy. i plan to go home tomorrow and can’t wait!

    i have some bad abdominal pain but feel pretty good otherwise!

    did you read that they found another mass… 2 cm. drives me crazy what could have been!

    hope you’re feeling good! we’ll go thru chemo together!

  2. hee hee…i chose a pic of jamie somers of the bionic woman…but wonder woman is great too…we need these positive images to get through the day! hugs, Jodi

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