Finding myself

Today was the big day. The day to go shopping in a place for that person that looks most like myself. A wig shop. My friend Vicki picked me up for the ride up to Fairfax/ Vienna, and being the oldest (I mean the longest 🙂 ) friend I have here, she would be an honest onlooker, making sure I didn’t make any poor decisions! First stop was 004-1-1-2The American Cancer Society, where their inventory was very low, and they had only one wig in my hair color and absolutely none without bangs or in long styles. So I took what I could get, after all, it was free, and I was happy to have something fun and youthful and spunky. 002-1-1-2-3(<—here at left.  It’s pulled back in this picture but it doesn’t have to be worn that way) Below is me 3 1/2 weeks ago, here at right is , well,  a new longer style wig I found

imgp50603at the “Cadilac” of wig shops, only I wasn’t going to buy the Cadilac! I settled for this , mmmm, Honda of sorts, reliable, conservative, reasosnable,  and attractive enough.  A wonderful gentleman helped us out, a man in his 50s, very fatherly – like, and

003knowledgeable and really low-key he was, helpful, not pushy, just really genuinely wanting to hep me find the best choice for my style, and also knew how to file for reimbursement with my insurance company.  In the end, I found the one here at the above right, where I need to work a bit more on the front hairline, part thingy, –> which I found can be worn several different ways with headbands, barrettes, down, parted on the side, whatever.  It takes some working at, which I haven’t had time time yet to experiment with. SOlon stylists can help me do that too. It looked most like my current style, of all we looked at.  It’s actually pretty  long in back too!  Cool!  Instant extensions! I came home to dinner waiting for me on the counter, brought by a woman from our church whom I don’t even know .  What a great day!  One step closer…feeling more prepared for upcoming chemo hair loss, just a sense of peace.  Alles gut!

Please say a prayer for my friend, Lisa, whose breast cancer surgery is Wednesday (today) at UCLA Medical, Center.  She has an extensive 12 hour surgery, so really needs a lot of  people lifting her up to the Ultimate Physician (God)  today! Our paths crossed unexpectedly, and I feel God has a special plan for her life and for our new friendship across the miles.   Thanks for saying a quick prayer as you think of this young mother of 2 today, and her husband David and children Lauren and Andrew.

One thought on “Finding myself

  1. oh does she need to be in the loop on our group emails? can I help support? prayers are being said! having little ones makes it hard…no doubt…one day at a time…hugs to you! love the hair…i keep it in the same style each time…i’ve tried clips and headbands…but if you come up with new styles…share them with me? hugs to you!

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