A new look?

Last night I went with  a friend to the American Cancer Society’s program,

Look Good Feel Better3192505_1a5d1fb0d3

This is a nation wide service free to all cancer patients, which address the common concerns of hair loss and skin care during treatment.

They gave each of us a  bag filled with “top of the line” cosmetics donated by companies.  Then we did complete make overs, which I have never done in my life!  Too bad I had to come home and wash it all off and go to bed!  Actually, we get to keep all of the products  so now I can begin experimenting at home with a new look!  (Hope I don’t get hooked on this new $20 eye shadow!) Next, we tried on wigs, and each of us gets one free from the American Cancer Society!  No, the one in this photo is NOT my new wig!  The wig I thought looked best on me, they only had in a petite head size that evening, but will reserve one for me in the correct size which I can pick up this week.  It doesn’t even have bangs!  I was very happy about that.  I thought all wigs had to have bangs.  It looks a lot like my current hair style.  It was a night of lots of laughs, information that was new to me, and and all around pick me up after a crummy start to my day.


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