visittovirginianov2008008Great day today vsiting Curtis at Univ. of Virginia!! The 2 hour drive was really beautiful for this time of year, and my parents and I enjoyed the scenery and peaceful drive down.  It was really good to see Curtis again too.  visittovirginianov2008006He’s far exceeded his Opa’s height, as you can see!  Being on campus made me wish I could be 19 again!  (Do you think I could pass for a college student there?  Not even a grad student?) 😦 Such a great time in life!  We’re all so proud of him, and of all the kids, really.  Feeling good physically today and getting stronger each day, but realizing my limits.  It’s only been 11 days and doc says give it at least 6 weeks but that is so hard!  There’s much I’d love to do!  Looking forward to going to church tomorrow!  What blessings are in store!


3 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. love the photos! for a second, i thought you’d cut your hair! but, i’m guessing its just pulled back!?!?

    i can tell you’re wearing your “fight like a girl” pendant! i need to put mine on a necklace or cord tomorrow. what is yours on?

  2. I does look like you cut your hair????? It looks good if you did…i cut it to that length first too..prior to chemo…my thoughts are with you daily as I know we recover together. hugs!

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