Pathology Complete

My doctor called yesterday to say that all of the pathology has returned mpj043890900001showing that they got all of the cancer during the surgery, no malignancies at the outer margins and our surgery decision was clearly the right one. Curiously, however, they found three additional areas of cancer that they hadn’t known about through any other tests, not even MRI. This is concerning (especially to me, since I have the remaining breast to think about !) because they don’t typically see this type of thing, and so they will discuss my case further at a tumor board next week with my oncology team. I will meet with oncology Nov. 20th to discuss treatment path with chemo therapy, etc. We can’t begin any of those treatments until I am healed from the surgery. On a positive note, he said none of the areas were larger than a centimeter. I am sleeping really good at night, and tire easily during the day, but waking up feeling so blessed and so ready for the day! There’s so much I’d like to tackle, but physically just can’t. Day by day. We had our dog, Colby come back home last night and he was very happy and I was happy he hadn’t forgotten me. 🙂 How could you not just love this face? (Except for the fact that he is 65 pounds of pure energy!) Thank you to the McCaw family for taking him for us for these two weeks! They deserve a gold medal !



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