Funny thing happened a couple of days ago….I got a phone call from a call center 42-15545846(“Oh brother”, I thought…”another political phone call….JEEZ! Enough already!” ) , and the lady on the phone said to me, “M’am, I’m calling on behalf of the Breast Cancer Relief Foundantion™” <–(link) and I kinda chuckled and she said, “What?”, and I said, “Well, that’s kind of ironic, because I could use a little ‘breast cancer relief right now”. Then I told her that I was recovering from a breast cancer surgery, and she said she was so sorry and asked how I was doing. Then choking back a few happy tears, I could think of nothing else to say except,

“I’m very blessed”.                         (No, —–> this is not really me) LOL!

Psalm 103:1 I will bless you, God. From head to toe, I’ll bless Your name!
I won’t forget a single blessing!


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