A Good Day!


I just have to share the good news we got today that the preliminary results are in from the lymph node biopsy and they show no cancer in th 6 nodes they removed! That means no further lymph node removal and radiation will most likely not be required! AND I got one of the drains removed (didn’t even hurt! Praise God!). Whew! I was worried because oddly enough the pain is worse under my arm where they removed 6 lymph nodes last week! I didn’t want another surgery THERE! Also one of the drains, the one he took out, had clogged and so fluid has built up under the arm pit area. It is swollen causing some pain but it isn’t infected so he says it should resolve itself. Final report on pathology won’t be signed off by the Chief of Pathology until Friday, but the doctor sounded pretty confident that this will be the end result. He says if nothing changes that puts me at stage 2 cancer..tumor sizes 1.1 cm and 2.2 cm respectively. We expect the chemo therapy will begin in about 6 weeks. So anyhow, another week on morphine and valium to control this ongoing pain, so I am pretty loopy and I keep having to retype this posting cuz I can’t keep my letters straight. Both of my parents went and met my doctor which was a comfort to them to see where I’m being treated and also understand the extreme lengths it sometimes takes for us to get there….today it took two hours and 20 minutes in morning rush hour! We took them to Wegman’s afterwards – they were in Heaven! If you’ve never been to a Wegman’s grocery store / bistro/ deli, you are missing out on one of life’s great pleasures! Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement cards and emails. I just can’t tell you how much they mean. Some days are rough and emotional and you really lift my spirits.


P.S. Don’t ya just love the little felt brooch pictured here? That was made by my “Bosom” buddy, a.k.a. sister cancer survivor, in New Hampshire who makes and sells hair clips and pins at her online shop at Happy House Quilts!


7 thoughts on “A Good Day!

  1. Hi Koryn: That is really great news. I am glad to hear that. I have been reading your blog and was very concerned about you, but haven’t had a chance to contact you and say hello and to let you know that I am praying for you. Kim

  2. Koryn,

    I have been keeping you in my prayers….soooo glad that the lymph node biopsy came back clear. You are always in my thoughts and I have been following your treatments/care on your blog…YOu are an inspiration to others…I miss you and hope for continued GOOD NEWS.

    God Bless…

  3. Praise God! That is so awesome!!!!! I’m jumping up and down for you…but only in my mind as my arm is throbbing….I too have more pain in my lymph node area….oh hugs friend, big hugs!!!

  4. fantastic news about the nodes!!! and stage 2—that is so much better !!!! you can fight back from that stage and live a long and wonderful life–!!! good for you!!

  5. I’m so glad to hear the news Koryn! And with the drugs they have these days, chemo is not as bad as it used to be – really!

    Enjoy these six weeks, rest, and you’ll be ready to breeze through it!!

    Pam (etsy)

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