Time Heals

imgp5096My Mom and Dad arrived from California last night, and are here for a week to help while I recover. (Thanks for picking them up at the airport, Carin!) It’s so good to have them here! Whenever we have an owie, every little girl wants her mommy, so I am feeling very blessed today. Then, my “Mr. fix-it dad”, was able to get my grandmother’s antique clock working for me. This was a clock that my grandma gave to me after she passed last January, but in the cross country transport, it had stopped working. I received the replacement part it needed months ago, but somehow the thought of trying to fix it myself was emotionally draiining for me. I just wanted it to work, and I remembered its beautiful chime in my grandma’s house as a child. It broke my heart to think that what she had given to me might not ever work again. Well, today, like the miracle worker that he is, my dad got the clock working again! It’s keeping time and sounds beautiful! A healing beautiful sound. Restoration…ah!

Still awaiting lymph node biopsy results which they say should be in later today. Sleeping well at night, drifting off to sleep during the day, but was able to get out and vote today, thanks once again to Carin my political cheer leader! 🙂 Follow up appointment at doctor is tomorrow morning and we can give my parents a tour of the hospital and wards where I am being seen, and give a better idea of what we go through just to get there and then also to meet my wonderful physicians. It will be eye opening for them to see all of the young war amputees. Another chance to count our blessings.


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