Recovery – s-l-o-w

Today I felt like a truck hit me over night.  I was just wiped out.  Wasted.  Tired.  No energy.  It was all I could do just to get up to get a glass of water.  I did a lot of visiting yesterday, and that was probably a bit much all in one day.  Tomorrow should be a down day as Tim will go back to work and kids will be in school and my parents don’t come from the airport until later afternoon.  I was sorry to have to miss church today.  It’s always such a pick me up to hear our worship team.  I spent some time writing in my journal and a lot of time sleeping.  We enjoyed a wonderful German meal of Schnitzel & potato salad brought by a dear friend! Yummy!  What a treat!

Today was the day Tim had to remove my IV catheter of pain medicine.  It was simple and painless, though I secretly wish I could have kept it in for another week!.  To see what the “on-Q”-ball looked like click HERE. That was held in a fanny pack type pouch.

I also wanted to allow those of you who want to see my temporary “clothed” physique just how really normal I appear!  It’s actually not bad! The camisole holds a look-a-like so I am “balanced ” 🙂 Now, I realize that for some of you this may not be important, and so I encourage you to just read past this and not click because I know that you may feel funny “looking” at me (don’t worry, I’m clothed!), but for me this is an emotional journey where I just want to be “me” again and this is a first step towards that. Click HERE  Amazing huh?  That strap around my neck holds a pouch at my side which I have to carry around special drainage tubing in for a couple more weeks.  It’s not bad really, just looks like I am ready to go shopping!  Ha!  Ha!  Don’t get any ideas! I am NOT ready to go shopping!

Tomorrow or Tuesday we hope to get the lymph node biopsy results back from my doctor so we’ll be sure and let you know the outcome of that.


One thought on “Recovery – s-l-o-w

  1. You’re doing amazing Koryn! Keep up the good fight and be determined! It will be great for you to have your parents there with you…..say hi to them for me.
    By the way, you do look “balanced” 🙂
    Love Rochelle

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