Fight Like A Girl!

Another glorious sunny day outside, and another day to fight hard and get well! I think that when I first got this diagnosis I felt a victim…like a ton of bricks had just been dumped upon me and I was at the mercy of the doctors and medical science to dig my way out of it, but didn’t know where I would find the energy or strength to climb out.  As time has passed, I feel more and more empowered with information and determination to knock this thing called cancer out of my body, and to move forward healed and whole once again.  So many friends have helped me gain this confidence through their own stories of their battle with it, and with their faith which strengthens me as well, and their sharing God’s words of power with me.  I am trying to  pace myself each day since I tend to feel better and overdo it too quickly.  The body has a way of reminding us of this!  My dear fellow etsy artist, Susan,  is making me a pendant (see photo below) which I just love! You can check out her shop at Olivia Moon for lots of cool soldered pendants and gifts! 

2 Samuel 22:40: “Lord, You have armed me with strength for the battle, and subdued my enemies beneath my feet.”

P.S. Thank you so much Mary, Gordon and Dorothy for the delicious meals this weekend!  We loved them!!


3 thoughts on “Fight Like A Girl!

  1. You sound so great today! you are a fighter for sure!

    I love the “fight like a girl” pendant and just went and ordered one on etsy! thanks for the referral!

    I hope we can talk soon!


  2. What a great outlook you have!! stay strong and keep up the fight!! You can beat this one!! You are in my prayers!!

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