One Day At A Time…

I slept much better last night, and although I woke up a couple of times needing pain meds, I feel rested this morning and was happy to see the sun shining brightly out my window.  “This is the day which the Lord has made; I will be full of joy and delight in it!” Psalm 118:24  Another day, a new day, a better day!   The last two days I feel like I was in a fog.  My brain just didn’t seem to want to function.  I couldn’t read words on paper and my writing was all jumbled.  My body ached like the flu, and every joint felt bruised but that was probably just the anesthesia meds wearing off and now I feel a whole lot more alert and relaxed.  I still have the IV catheter in my side until at least tomorrow which provides a steady flow of local anesthetic.  I am also on narcotics and muscle relaxers and anti inflamatories but Tim is keeping awesome track of my meds schedule and even wakes himself in the night to give me what I need on time to stay on top of the pain.  I am trying to get up and walk around the house a little to keep from getting stiff and to keep my lungs clear.  I never knew there were so many soap operas on TV during the day!  I’m not a huge TV watcher.  Thankfully, we have lots of Tivo recorded episodes of my favorite shows and some Netflix videos to pass the time, although I tend to drift off to sleep through them.  My bandage tape has caused an itchy reaction to which my dear friend came to the rescue and changed for me with paper surgical tape with the nurses phone okay.  I am ready for a shower by now – three days without makes me feel like cave woman!  I appreciate so much all of your e-mails and words of encouragement.  It is easy to get kind of down emotionally as I ponder the road ahead and don’t feel physically up to it right now.  I know that will change in the coming weeks.  Your words are powerful to build me up and I thank you.  Thanks to my dear friend Hope who has taken my puppy Colby off my hands this week.  That has been a huge burden lifted from me!  I am so glad she and her family are enjoying him.  Thank you Betty, Jen , and Candy for the meals this week….what  blessing to our family you are!  They were so delicious!  If you’d like to come by for a short visit just call Tim at his cell number 703-477-6142

 (p.s. yes, that’s a photo of me – digital sketch image enhancing, of course! Check out my image enhancing online shop at Heaven’s Blessings )   ~Koryn

The photo above is of where I am camped out on the couch,  The lapel pin I am wearing (see close up below) was made by and sent to me by Jodi, my dear internet friend who had the same procedure as I had the day before me.  Click the photo to see how you can purchase one of your own in support of breast cancer awareness pins from Jodi’s shop Happy House Quilts!


4 thoughts on “One Day At A Time…

  1. You sound SO MUCH better! I’m so glad!

    I know that you are so ready to take a shower, but I’m sure you look beautiful anyway 🙂

    I hope tonight is even better with your pain and with your sleep. You’ve turned a big corner. You should be proud of yourself (and Tim) for how well you are coping.

    I’ll give you a call tomorrow if that’s ok!?!? Just let me know. Or, if you prefer to call me, I’ll be sure not to wake you! Both kids have soccer tomorrow mid morning and then the rest of the day is free.

    Hang in there!

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better today!! You look great even if you have not had a shower!! That part is tough I am sure!! Hang in there my friend! Our prayers continue for you and the family! Gentle hugs!
    Love Claire

  3. Hi Koryn,
    We are all thinking about you and your family!! I am glad you are feeling a bit better. We just filled out the CFC form and for you we are supporting breast cancer research this year. I couldn’t think of a better cause! It touches so many women and I can’t wait until the day no woman has to go through any more pain because of it. Everyday will get better for you! Keep your positive outlook and I hope to come visit you soon. Maybe when Sarah is here visiting later this month.
    Take care and rest and relax!
    Say hi to Tim and the kids.
    Love Heather

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