Surgery Update

Today, Tuesday, October 28th was a long, but overall positive day for the Hutchisons.  Koryn and I woke up at 345, as if we had really been sleeping, and were on our way to Walter Reed by 430.   I won’t go into too much detail but suffice it to say that we are glad we are past this day, with Koryn well on her way to winning her battle. 

Koryn started the day in Nuclear Medicine with the injection of the radioactive dye for her Lymph node biopsy, which was done during her four hours of surgery.  Needless to say, Koryn was understandably anxious throughout the morning, and while her time in Anesthesia was, in itself stressful, she left anesthesia definitely in her “happy place”.  The surgery took a total of 4 hours, and according to both of her surgeons…it was a success.  There were really no complications or unexpected findings.  We won’t know the final results of the lymph node biopsy for about a week.  Lymph node involvement is a major factor in determining Koryn’s final treatment plan, so we anxiously, yet prayerfully look forward to those results.

Koryn finally emerged from recovery, or shall I say, reached some level of lucidity about 530 this evening.  They have been giving her a pretty hefty dose of painkillers, so she was feeling pretty good when I left her at 9.  Her pain was pretty much under control, although the next 12 hours will probably be a little rough as the spinal block they gave her will slowly wear off and the full pain load will be on the meds they are giving her.  Fortunately, the overnight unit was pretty empty so it appeared that she was going to essentially have her own nurse for the night!  

I’ll write more tomorrow unless Koryn takes control of the keyboard upon her return, but I would like to say thanks to all who’ve sent their well wishes and prayers.  Throughout Koryn’s journey so far, it has been amazing to watch how the prayers of our faithful family and friends have lifted her up and encouraged her in these often difficult times.  The past few weeks have been absolutely amazing as we experience God speaking personally to the both of us.  We are so encouraged!


7 thoughts on “Surgery Update

  1. Wonderful news and Thank You God!!!!Prayer is such a powerful gift and to be on the receiving end it can do amazing things!! So good to hear that Koryn is on the road to recovery and that things went well yesterday! May your days ahead be less anxious as you wait for results. Our prayers will continue! Hugs to the family and stay strong!

  2. Hey,
    Just wanted to check in and wish you a speedy recovery. I have been reading your blog since we talked on Etsy. Glad surgery went well for you and I am still praying for great biopsy results!! Sounds like your hubby is taking great care of you so you’ll be up and running around in no time!!
    Prayers from NC!

  3. I’m just one night home and not having having pain meds in me when i work up was tough….so i took them and am slowly laying here waiting for them to work….take it easy…and know i am here…my arm’s not a s bad as I thought it would be.
    ttfn Jodi

  4. Hi Tim, please pass along to Koryn that we have been praying for both of you over the last few days, and we are so grateful that the Lord is keeping you encouraged in the middle of this trial. He alone is able to keep you firmly anchored in Him. We love you! Myra (and Brian)

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