Home Sweet Home

Koryn is back home!  Please remember NOT to call the house phone number until after Sunday, as she is trying to rest. Call my (Tim’s cell) 703-477-6142.  The last 24 hours have been a bit rough for her, especially last night.  She had a quite a bit of pain and nausea though the night and, according to her, got no sleep.  Today’s been better regarding the nausea, but the pain has really been difficult.  The worst part of her day was the hour and half commute in rush hour from the hospital.  The bumps and stops and starts were quite uncomfortable for her.  We got home about 6.

They’ve got her on some fairly potent pain medication as well as valium, a muscle relaxant, and when taken together, she seems to manage pretty well.   I’m trying to get her in a decent meds cycle so as to keep it manageable around-the-clock.  I’d expect she’ll be doing much better by the weekend.     –Tim


7 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Dear Koryn,

    I’m so glad that you are back home! I’m sorry that you are still in pain and I sure hope the pain meds kick in soon! Are you on vicodin? It worked well for me after my lumpectomy.

    How is your arm? For me, the lymph node biopsy was more painful than the breast incision but we’re all different.

    Just know that I’m thinking of you and praying for you!


  2. Korynie, You are in our prayers as well as thoughts; all three of us girls. Even Barbie texted me just now to find out about you.
    Tim keep up the good work.
    We love you from afar.

  3. Koryn,

    Praise God that your surgery was a success. Rest in the arms of Jesus now. I hope your meds are helping you ease your pain. I know you have been blessed by all of this and keeping up with all of your postings have really blessed me. What a mighty women you are. I can still remember your sweet smile that would light up Leiko’s face everytime she saw you. Keep looking up. To God be the glory!

    Janna and Leiko

  4. Koryn:

    Hang in there Tim…help is on the way! See ya’ Monday night.

    Continuing prayer regarding the pain meds and a good report from the lymph node biopsy.

    Mom & Dad

  5. Dear Koryn,
    You are in my prayers. I have been thinking about you a lot!!! I wish so much that I could take all your pain away. Remember to keep looking up.. even though thing are tough. You are a strong women. You have encouraged me and I will encourage you!

    Elizabeth K.

  6. Koryn,
    So glad to hear that you are back home and that the pain is somewhat manageable with the medications. I will have to touch base with you once you are feeling better and are up and around.

    I know that you are in good hands with Tim and your family, and mostly in Gods hands……take care my friend.

    Love Rochelle

  7. Koryn,

    Praise God for the success of your surgery. I know you have been blessed by this but by keeping up with your posting you have blessed me even more. What a mighty women you are to all of us. As you can see I don’t like the computer and I kept and is still trying to send you messages but somehow I am doing something wrong. I am glad you did get one of our messages. (You may have gotten more but on my side it doesn’t show it sent.) Hope you get this one. Rest in the arms of Jesus now. I am glad to hear that your meds is helping ease the pain. Keep looking up to our Father and beam that sweet smile Leiko and I always remember. You use to light her day up when she saw you with that smile. Our prayers keep going up for you for a speedy recovery and healing. To God be the glory!

    Janna and Leiko

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