Yesterday was a beautiful day!  It was also my birthday, a day of celebration of life and love, friends and family.  Each time the song Happy Birthday was sung, the refrain “…and many more” rings in my heart!  God has many more blessings in store for us, many more days to see the good things poured out from Heaven!  Many more opportunities to see what He can do!  This is my favorite time of the year, when the leaves change their colors and prepare for the coming winter.  Every season has its purpose…even in my life right now, I know that the dark winter is coming, but spring is promised…a future of hope, healing, and renewed life.  Tim and I hold on to that promise and keep our eyes faced forward, and always looking up. 


How Great Is Our God< – click to listen

These are the words my 17 year old son wrote on his Facebook site after he was attacked following his school football game Friday night. Pushed to the ground, kicked multiple times in the head, for no reason by 5 punk thugs, he came out of it thankful he wasn’t hurt worse than he was, other than cuts and bruises, and recognized God’s protection over him and his girlfriend and friend who were with him. His girlfriend wasn’t harmed, his friend was beaten also.  But all of them have a strong faith and are an example to me of God’s love.  How great Is Our God!  Even in the trials, He is with us.


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