My sporty side!

This look will be similar to the ball cap hair piece I just bought in preparation for my upcoming chemo treament when I won’t have my own hair.  It allows you to wear your own baseball cap(s) over a ponytail that is made of real hair and bangs.  I got the wavy brown hair which looks more like my own,  but this photo gives you the idea, anyways. It is taken from the  hair piece web site. This whole process feels very surreal like it’s not happening to me, but to someone else.  I know I’m not really going to feel that when the hair goes, but at least now I will be prepared for it and can still look somewhat like myself. Sporty and hip! “Ha”!, Tim says (and he’s right – I’m a far cry from “sporty!”)  But then I am discovering new things about myself every day now so who knows what new leaf I’ll turn over!

4 thoughts on “My sporty side!

  1. Hi Koryn,

    I know you are busy “nesting” to prepare for surgery. It looks like you are accomplishing alot!

    I’m wondering if the wig you ordered is from “Hip hats with hair”? I found that site and have been eyeing a similar wig. I’m also meeting with a guy near UCLA tomorrow…he cuts your hair and makes a wig of your own hair. It may be too expensive to make sense, but I’m going to be in the area anyway!

    I’ll try to call you tomorrow morning or afternoon….on the way to or from my appointments. Those are really the best times to talk without a child interrupting LOL!

    hope you’re feeling well!

  2. Hi Kyron,
    I love this look. They had these on display where I purchased my wig – they are very cute and natural looking. I also got some really cute head wraps there that I fit much better than any others I tried. If you would like forward me your address and I’ll get one and drop it in the mail to you. It was perfect for around the house and quick outings out. My last chemo was yesterday. My daughters are wondering how long it takes for a full head of hair to grow back. I am hoping I can form some type of style by the holidays. I hope you are doing well. You are in our prayers. Hugs…

  3. What a beautiful witness you are, Koryn.

    We will continue to lift you and your wonderful family up in prayer. We are praying for courage, comfort and continued conviction that He is in charge.


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