A bit of control

I called patient advocacy today at my hospital.  I just had to vent….speak my mind, and hopefully make a difference in the treatment of the next woman with breast cancer.  There’s just been some things that have bothered me about the MRI facility and/or the care/ doctor’s insensitivities, technician’s lack of patient privacy, etc. that I felt neede to be addressed.  They were small things, yet it’s a small something I can take control of when my world has been pulled out from under me.  The woman I spoke with assured me she would take on my concerns personally and inspect the rooms and situations I described.  That’s her job.  She was very caring.  My experience with the breast care clinic and the plastic surgery office is nothing but absolutely professional, but there are just other places in the hospital that could use some improvement.  I guess that’s probably the situation with everything.  I’m hoping that by using the avenues afforded to patients, positive changes can be made.  It made me feel better to do something about it rather than just complaining and wishing it were different.


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