I got the call from my doctor this morning confirming that the second biopsy revealed invasive lobular carcinoma.  I guess I might have been holding onto a shred of hope that they were going to say it wasn’t, but until you get that final report you always hold out hope.  I told him that was okay and that it actually made my surgical decisions a lot easier.  It confirmed them, I suppose.  Then like a ray of light, I met a new neighbor through one of my former teacher friends at St. Matthews, whose son is in her class this year.  She lives a stone’s throw from my house in the same sub division and is being treated at the same hospital and had the same surgeons I will have!  Her surgery was 4 weeks ago and she is doing great!  She told me all of the things I can expect and gave me such assurance that everything is going to be fine, and that this pre-surgery time is actually the hardest.  Not only that, but we share the same spiritual faith and our husbands both work at The Pentagon and are in The Air Force!  She just moved to this area a couple of months ago and has young children, yet our circumstances with diagnosis and treatment couldn’t be more similar.  God knew I needed this friend who would be just one step ahead of me in her treatment to pave the way for me emotionally and to prepare for what’s to come.    One more huge  blessing in a string of many!


4 thoughts on “Confirmed

  1. just checking in to see how you are doing—so glad to hear of your new friend in the neighbourhood—one of my neighbours has just been diagnosed–she is 42 with one daughter still in primary school—–her cousin is one of my best friends and i sent the link to circus of cancer—-wishing you calm days and nights and i think it’s wonderful the way all is coming together for you with your wonderful faith–take care!

  2. Isn’t God AMAZING? He is interested in every aspect of our lives and loves us more than we can comprehend. I pray His peace will wash over you day and night, dear friend. : )

  3. We are all praying for you Koryn! It is so true that God is amazing! How wonderful for you to have a friend so close to help you fight the cancer boogyman!! I love your blog! I have done a lot of crying and wish I can do more for you!! May God contiue to give you and the family strength. Hugs and prayers form miles away!!

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