No Exit

Today was surreal.  At times I have felt like I  wished there was an escape hatch where I could exit this nightmare and act like it never happened.   Just 16 days ago I entered a Random Road that caught me totally off guard and I never would have chosen to turn down it on my own, but here I find myself. I never thought I would be put in the position of deciding such big things for my future and quite honestly I just was so focused on ridding my body of cancer most recently.  But today, in the end (after many hours with doctors, asking them all lots and lots of questions),  I feel really good about our decisions and know that one day I will once again be whole and healed and cancer free.  My parents are going to try and arrange to fly out to stay with us the week following surgery which is now scheduled for sure Oct. 28th.  There are obviously only ten days until then so please pray that my parents can get things in order to make that happen and that I stay well and healthy.  I look forward to moving on past this.  This is a first step in that process….a long process, but still, one that I feel okay with and at peace with.  Again, that peace can only be God’s hand upon me.  I know other way to describe it.

 Isaiah 26:3:    You will keep in perfect peace
    all those who trust in You, God,
    all whose thoughts are fixed on You!


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