The ball is rolling…

I was actually having a really good day today until I came home to a bunch of answering machine messages.  One was the chemo doctor’s office scheduling my first appointment with them for consultation November 20th.  Oncology Hematology is what they are called….the cancer people! That’s what they do – treat cancer via chemotherapy.

Then my doctor called to say that Tuesday’s biopsy results aren’t fully in but the preliminary result is concerning for lobular carcinoma and that we have an appointment set up tomorrow with plastic surgery to discuss reconstruction options.  That’s a whole lot to swallow all in one message!  Whoa!  So I called him and he said we don’t have to have surgery Monday or Thursday or even a week from now but that we need to prepare ourselves mentally for mastectomy and make some decisions ahead of time so that we feel comfortable with where we go from there.  He also said that the pathology report from the biopsy 3 weeks ago showed venous (veins) and lymphatic invasion (not lynph nodes but the channels that lead to the nodes) and so he wouldn’t be surprised to find cancer in the lymph nodes when they biopsy those at this surgery we do next.  That said, it is all treatable and responds well to the therapies available there with a positive long term outcome.  Whew!  Am I suppose to be glad for that?  I can’t tell.  

I just feel numb.


3 thoughts on “The ball is rolling…

  1. numb is better than hysterically sobbing..which I have been know to do…and if you have that moment…give yourself time to feel it…it’s a ton to take in…

    treatments work…stay positive and know that God walks with you each day.

    Hugs my friend, from a fellow survivor….we can beat this together!!! Jodi

  2. I know we talked earlier today, but I just wanted to post and offer my support.

    I’m here for you whenever you want to talk. It helps me to talk it thru too! Remember, we’re in this together and we’ll BOTH be SURVIVORS!

    I need to be able to wear that necklace that you made for me! there is a reason that I placed that order and that is so that we can support one another!


  3. Koryn,
    You are perhaps the most courageous person I know. Understanding that these are uncertain times, please know that you are in so many people’s minds, hearts and prayers. You are beautiful inside and out!

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