MRI results – Good News / Bad News

I went with Tim for ther MRI results today. 

I had prayed for a very clear and concise answer that would make the surgery path obvious, but that didn’t happen.  One good piece of news that came from it was that the cancer is not in the other breast.  Relief.  The other news was that they found a mass in the same breast as the first only on the opposite side near the arm pit.  They will do a core needle biopsy of it Tuesday to determine what it is.  If it’s another malignancy, then the surgery on the 20th will be extensive.  If it’s not, they will still remove it during surgery, just not so extensively.  They graded it a 4 on a RAD scale of 0 – 6, zero being suspected benign, and 6 being suspected malignacy, based on many different medical factors to include the fact that there is already cancer in that breast.  So here we go again…We had to go through the pre-op process again today, blood work, vitals, anesthesia, admissions consult, research team (I am taking part in a clinical study during my sentinal lymph node biopsy during surgery – it’s not experimental or anything but increases my chances of having a less painful procedure and I’m all for that!) and so it was another very long long day 5 hours at the hospital.  I decided tonight I needed a break from all of this so I went to play bunko with my friends and have a glass of wine and forget for a few hours that I’m living this reality.  It was great (while it lasted!)  Tomorrow I will work at the food pantry with my friend, another activity I enjoy and get a lot of satisfaction from which I know will help my mood. PLEASE continue to pray for wisdom for the medical team and for me and Tim. 


One thought on “MRI results – Good News / Bad News

  1. God bless you, Koryn. I had no idea until I opened your post this morning. You are absolutely right…this is surreal.

    I am certainly praying for you and your family. I also pray that God will teach us all, the reasons for these struggles in life. All-too-often, I take so much for granted. My heart shares your burden today and I promise you will be in both my, and Joe’s, prayers.

    Keep me posted and keep your head up! May God give you all that you need.


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