I’ve Been Flocked!

Here’s what I woke up to this morning!  A front yard of pink flamingos!  Thanks to the teacher’s I’ve  worked with at St. Matthews Lutheran Day School, the Avon Breast Cancer Walk foundation is rasing money for breast cancer research through this great team! Click HERE for more info.  All Avon Breast Cancer walk team members must raise $1,800.00 EACH to walk in the event. 

There are many advantages to participating in the Avon Walk as part of a team. Camaraderie. Support. Someone to talk to as you train. Help with fundraising. Someone always there to remind you why you’re doing this, especially on those days when it’s easy to forget. 

I hope that any of you who are doing this will remember why and that those funds have been used over the last 30 years to create the treatments and research that allow ME to be treated today. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Flocked!

  1. Hi Koryn–I have a gift shop in my town and that is how i happened upon your blog!! I really like your jewellery and I can see where you will be very busy the next while and won’t be able to fill as many orders!! So I certainly won’t bother you with that!! I am so glad to hear that your ‘ 3-D ‘ friends are such thoughtful people!! All the sweet things appearing at your doorstep!!–I am sure that all the good you do in your community will return to edify you in the coming while! Hang in there!!

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