The Beanie Fairy came!

Last night I was helping at our neighborhood clubhouse where Young Life ministry was setting up for their meeting, decorating, moving furniture, etc. It is right around the corner from my house so I walked over there and was only gone from the house maybe 30 minutes. When I returned home and came up our walkway, I glanced up towards the front door and found more than a dozen beanie babies sitting on the porch, each with its own envelope greeting card! I was absolutely surprised and started crying out of total gratitude and disbelief! One by one I began to open the cards of love and encouragement. None of them were signed. I have NO idea who might have done this for me! I guess its the Beanie Fairy! She and her army of beanie angels spreading loving concern and showering care all over me! There were bears, dinosaurs, birds and even an ant eater! My favorite one is this one named “HOPE” , praying on his knees.  I feel your prayers everyone, I really truly do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! (And thanks too for the Footprints devotional book – I’ll bring it with me to the hospital today)


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