No More Super Woman

Videos on fear, coping, a doctor’s two cents, breast cancer – clearing up misinformation, how it affects friends and family (you’ll scroll down this Comcast link to select videos to watch) I particularly liked the last video featuring Robyn Roberts from Good Morning America and her hair loss journey (my personal greatest fear) It is inspiring!:

Cokie Roberts leads this ABC News’ roundtable on the hopes and fears that accompany breast cancer–including the fear that the people in your circle will think of you as a “ticking time bomb,” and not as the whole person you still are.

The MRI yesterday went fine and I am glad we got there early because the person who had the appointment an hour before mine wasn’t there yet so they just took ME first! I got finished sooner and was able to get home in time to eat dinner withg my husband. Little things like that mater to me now. The IV wasn’t bad and the “tube” was a nice little cave where I actually fell asleep as I was day dreaming! The test technician was a guy and he had no chaperone, which was a first in my experience, but I didn’t care, I just thought it odd. At one point he left me laying thre with only my shoulders, back and legs covered  and he said he was going to go get me a blanket. He walked out the door but the door stayed open and I glanced up and saw a man sitting out in the waiting area (his back was turned sort of sideways, thank goodness) but I just kept hoping he wasn’t going to look over, a–hem, at ME. That would have been quite a shock (for HIM ! – Ha Ha!) I’m trying to find humor in some of this! Today I am playing catch up on my life! The house is falling apart and my jewelry orders are adding up and for the first time yesterday I turned down a custom order from a previous customer for whom I make jewelry tags (she is a jeweler and I make her little tiny tags she puts at the clasps of her jewelry). I hated to turn her down but I know my limits. No more Super Woman!


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