Thanks for the prayers!

Surgery went well yesterday and I am not in much pain at all today thanks to really good DRUGS!  I just am wobbly on my feet and fuzzy in the head.  I keep dozing off but hopefully can move to just Tylenol tomrrow or Sunday.

It was a long day, starting with a 6:30 a.m. show time in radiology.  That time was WRONG since the hospital doesn’t even open until 7 a.m. and it’s a 35 minute drive from our house in rush hour traffic (yes, rush hour starts here at 6 a.m.)  Then they didn’t even take me into radiology until 7:45 to have a wire inserted into the mass.  This is so that the surgeon can easily find the non-palpable mass while in surgery.  They do it via ultra sound and stick an embroidery sized needle into you then feed the wire through that.  I asked for a local anesthetic and the doctor (radiologist – Dr. Chung) told me he usually doesn’t use one because it hurts more than just the wire guide itself.  I felt like telling him he was out of his gourd but decided not to, and simply said I wanted it anyways.  I’ve been stuck a lot in my life and believe me, the very very thin anesthetic needle is a whole lot smaller than that big one he was about to use.  He used one like that on me for an aspiration of a cyst two weeks ago and used no anesthetic and I was so shocked I didn’t know what to say (I know what I wanted to say)!  Especially considering he was going to anesthetise me for the core needle biopsy just minutes later!  Bleep Bleep Bleep ! Need I say more?

A woman ahead of me had gone in for the same proceedure.  When I saw her in the holding room she said “Wasn’t THAT fun?”  I told her asked for a local and was familiar enough to know Dr. Chung didn’t plan to use one.  Poor thing!  Now I wish I could tell every woman to just simply ASK! Even my surgeon told me that he doesn’t typicaly give a local and I said why not?  He didn’t have an answer.  Maybe he doesn’t have breasts?

Anyways, so I felt no pain for the wire insertion.  Kudos to me for speaking up! They took me to mammogram for some pictures Ha!  Ha! Don’t you wish they would give local anesthetics for every mammogram!?  Then they wheeled me up to surgery.  Cap and booties and all.  I was quite the fashionista!  After meeting with a nurse anesthetist and lots of nurses asking questions and sticking me twice to get an IV going, they got started about 9:30 and it took two hours.  The surgeon had initially told me and Tim 45 minutes to an hour so I’m still not sure what took so long.  He told Tim it was that he was being very careful.  I guess I just thought they open you up and these things just slip right out but they must be attached to everything.  I was in recovery 2 hours trying to get the pain under control.  The morphine wasn’t helping and then they tried something that made me all red (not itchy, just red – as in passers by would say, uh, hey do you realize she’s turning red?)  and so they switched to darvocet which is working fine and is what they sent me home with. 

We asked the nurse to have the doctor call us because we were dischaged without even speaking with him, but he was in other surgeries.  Around 5 pm he called and talked to Tim.  he told Tim that he indeed did talk to me in the recovery room.  Didn’t he realize I was doped up and don’t remember a thing he told me? We have a follow up Wednesday next week to go over reults from pathology which has a very high probability of being fine. Still, with everything I am reading it is still worrisome to me.

Gina Duffy was so sweet to stop by the hospital and keep Tim company while I was in the OR.  Thanks for the beautiful flowers Gina! Page brought dinner over for our family and it was so delicious and so thoughtful!  I am really really blessed to have so many great friends.  Keep my friend Lisa in your prayers.  She is dealing with breast cancer this week and her surgery was yesterday too at UCLA medical center.  She is a young mommy of two. 

God Bless!


3 thoughts on “Thanks for the prayers!

  1. So glad it went well! I didn’t have to have a wire or anything. My doctor just used the ultrasound machine in the OR and then sliced and diced me. Maybe it was the location? Anyways my advice…..stop READING! It really does make you worry more and the chances are good that it is nothing. Did you know Renee Zellwiger had two fibroadenomas removed about 10 years ago? I read that on yesterday and found it very interesting. So is the lump completely gone now???

  2. glad to hear you got that over with!!we will expect good news and then start to look ahead with optimism!!you are a very brave woman and you write about your experience with great humour!! it will definitely benefit all who read it!

  3. Hi,

    Just checking in on you. I know today is the day you get your news. I just wanted to send positive thoughts and let you know that I’ve been thinking of you daily!

    Lisa M.

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