Surgery Scheduled

My husband and I met with the surgeon on Monday. I am scheduled for surgery next week, September 25 for removal of the mass, which is the size of a large olive.  This procedure is an excisional biopsy since they are not totally sure the make up of this tumor.  In fact the diagnosis officially listed on my pathology report says “FA? vs. cancer”, meaning questionable fibroadenoma vs. cancer. That’s not terribly comforting, yet statistically the numbers are in my favor that it is benign.  I hold onto that but still have nervous stomach aches and sleepless nights.  I finally told my youngest son (17) and he was visably upset with the news but I reassured him that this is probably nothing.  Another waiting game ahead…


2 thoughts on “Surgery Scheduled

  1. hi there—just checking in and wanting you to know that i am sending my best Canadian Vibes in your direction!! I am sure you have a great support system in place with your family and friends,but i just had to let you know that ever since i happened upon your blog,i have been hoping and praying for you! I think it’s great that they are getting rid of your FA since my friend opted to let hers stay—i would want it gone too! She had the biopsy,as i was saying,but decided to let them continue to measure—–take care and try to get some good rest—I am sure the odds are totally in your favour!!

  2. Glad that they are being pro-active and removing it. It is a wonderful feeling to just have it out and be certain. I feel like you are going to have a positive outcome just like I did. By the way the surgery isn’t that bad. Now that the area is actually healing and forming scar tissue is when I am experiencing the pain. A friend of mine told me I will probably have pains or years in that area. Lovely! Good luck!

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