What is a fibroadenoma?

So here is what I am learing about fiboadenomas.  Cause enough to have a total removal and biopsy the entire tumor!

From WebMD:


Radiologists must be familiar with a variety of benign breast conditions to confidently distinguish malignant disease from benign disease. Fibroadenomas are benign tumors composed of stromal and epithelial elements. These tumors are commonly seen in young women. Multiple or complex fibroadenomas may indicate a slightly increased risk for breast cancer; the relative risk of patients with such fibroadenomas is approximately twice that of patients of similar age without fibroadenomas.

Fibroadenomas do not cause pain or tenderness. A “complex” fibroadenoma contains abnormal growths or exhibits abnormal cell changes. Although fibroadenomas themselves do not become cancerous (National Cancer Institute 2001b), they can act as markers for the disease. Women with a family history of breast cancer who also develop complex fibroadenomas might be at a higher risk for developing cancer than other women. Fibroadenomas are not difficult to remove and rarely recur.


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