The Waiting Game

It’s been three days since the biopsy. I’m a bit sore still, a bit black and blue, but no longer misshapen. Ha! Whew! I was worried! My 15 year old daughter came home last night from volleyball practice with a set of ten light pink cancer awareness bracelets to sell for a fundraiser game she is playing in Sept. 23rd. I put mine on right away. She is the only one of the kids I have told about the biopsy. She asked me why I hadn’t told the boys, and I told her because she is my daughter, and because it may be nothing at all and I don’t want to worry them needlessly. Daughters are different. They have to face this possibility when they grow up and they need awareness of their own bodies. My husband doesn’t like this generalization of mine, but lets face it, girls don’t sexualize their breasts or that of other women. At least I don’t, and so we feel more comfortable sharing this type of information with one another. At any rate, it’s 4 more days now until the answers. I can feel the tumor more prominently now since the biopsy. I felt “something” before but wasn’t sure that was it, since there’s lots of lumps and bumps in that region. Now I know for sure. And I want it GONE, no matter what the outcome.

One thought on “The Waiting Game

  1. hi there,i just stumbled upon your blog and want you to know that i am praying for you. I had a mammogram today and i have been filled with worry for the weeks leading up to it.I am hoping your biopsy turns out to be benign—a very good friend of mine went through exactly what you are going through right now.They told her they thought it was a cyst,but it turned out to be a hard lump.She waited ten days for the biopsy report and it WAS benign!!! It was a hard lump,and although they can’t really say what it is,or what caused it,it is NOT malignant.She has had follow up mammography and it still remains the same size,no problem.I just want you to know that even though this is a horrible experience,the chance that all will be well is totally there!! I have no idea what prompted me to write all this,but just reading your last few posts,i had to tell you that this world wide web can be a caring place and people you don’t even know may be holding your cares and wishing you well—take care!!! marianne from canada

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