Tragedy strikes

th_pensieri11qe61yj6 Today brings just horrible news.   Not for me, but for my son.  He is a junior in college and in a singing group there.  They tour and perform and returned last night from 4 days in Boston.  He brought three friends from the group back with him, one named Jim.  Jim joined the group this year at James Madison University, in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  Jim was the only one who lived close by, so he left to go home late  last night and the others crashed to sleep in our basement.  Today Jim and his mom were murdered in their house by an intruder.  This young 19 year old was here in my kitchen just 24 hours ago and now he is gone and we are all in such shock I can’t sleep.  My son is just devastated.  The group will forever be changed.  You know, with cancer I have been thankful for each new day.  This tragedy  makes me thankful for each breath I take, and for those of my children.  I can’t make sense of it, much less think of anything comforting to say to my son or his friends.

Kyle and his two friends left this afternoon to return to college , two hours away, where they hold jobs and had cars to pick up before heading home for the Christmas break.  They are now on their way back here to talk with detectives who want to speak to them.  Another night of college guys in my basement, this time with tears and somber faces.  Doesn’t feel like Christmas at all.


2 thoughts on “Tragedy strikes

  1. Oh my, what an awful thing to happen. I don’t know how you will find the words needed to bring some comfort to these young men BUT as many messages as you get from the Lord, I have no doubt that he will speak to you and guide you with them. Know that you guys are in our prayers not only for your recovery but also for the comfort and healing needed to grasp this event.

    Thoughts and prayers from NC,
    Christy @ coastersandcards.etsy

  2. That is just horrible! I’m in utter shock.. how far away does he live.. is it close to your home.. any suspects. Tell Kyle and his friends we are thinking about them! Hope you are feeling ok Koryn..


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