The mailman came…

Got the letter in the mail from the medical center’s radiology dept. yesterday, with the finding: “Possible malignancy – schedule biopsy through your surgeon”. Does everybody’s scare include a letter like that even if it turns out to be benign? There were about 10 choices with little boxes beside each one stating things like “Please retun for additional views as your films are not conclusive enough for a thorough reading”, or “looks like a benign nodule, call for follow up in 6 months”, etc…but mine was the very last box on the page. I felt like falling apart but I didn’t. I put the letter in my filing cabinet and shut the drawer. Don’t want my kids to see that.  I guess I already knew the news, but this was the first time I’d seen that word…malignancy.  It’s never had a good reputation.

2 thoughts on “The mailman came…

  1. Isn’t it strange how much of an impact a little piece of paper can have? I did receive a similar letter but it didn’t come by mail. They handed me “the letter” before I even left the mammography department. Like yours it had several different boxes and the one that was checked on my paper said “suspicious lump please contact surgeon for biopsy.” That night I threw a sippy cup at the wall in the living room and left a big indention. Oops! Waiting…that is the hardest part. I lost five pounds over that long weekend while I waited for my Tues. morning appt. with the breast specialist and then another almost 6 weeks before my lumpectomy! Thanks for sharing your journey. I found it very comforting to blog about my experience and lay it out there for other women. Continued prayers!

  2. keep getting it out…feelings, thoughts, fears…imagine releasing toxins…the more they get out the less of them in your body…regardless of your final results…hugs! J

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